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Early Opening - Llys y Fran



I’m sure most will agree that 2012 saw some exceptional sport being offered to all anglers who visited the Reservoir throughout the majority of the season, whether they were fishing ledgered worm or fly, from both bank and boat.


Despite the weather conditions which prevailed throughout the season, especially early on with the high rainfall we had within our region. Good bag limits were recorded on a weekly basis and   because of some good fish sizes being taken in the last third of the  season, Llys-y-Fran has managed a very respectful average size of fish across the whole of the 2012 period. We did look to stock fish of an average wieght of 1lb 12ozs, and because of the quality taken during the later part, managed to increase this by at least   four ounces, which when considering 22,000 fish were stocked during the period of at least 2lbs in weight, was a good result for both anglers and staff at the Reservoir.


As some will know, once again the Reservoir saw a number of double figure fish being taken. Something that those who visit on a regular seasonal basis will have come to accept as normal for this water. What was pleasing to note is the fact that we did have one angler, on his first ever visit to Llys-y-Fran who recorded a fish of 10lbs 9ozs. This fish taken on the fly whilst fishing from the boat. This must be any angler’s dream when visiting a water for the first time. Well done to Mr Williams of Northampton, a fish well worth recording as shown from the photo above.


Another angler with a fish of note was Mark Noon of Bridgend. Mark and his boat partner landed a fish apiece worth remembering. Taken together wieghing just short of 17lbs, with Mark clearly taking the honours on the day with a fish of ¼oz short of 11lbs.


We are aware that Mark’s boat partner did land a larger fish on their next visit to Llys-y-Fran, again whilst fishing fly from the boat, and it was a fish verified by staff on site. However as no return was submitted for this, the actual wieght could not be recorded within the report that was produced and e-mailed for that mont.


The pictures below have been included so that you can see the best fish recorded by both, with one of Mark on his own just to emphasise the actual size of the fish he caught.                                 


Business changes as to how all Reservoirs have managed, sourced and stocked fish within thier waters have caused anglers some concerns over the past few seasons. Mainly because they had become used to the fact that prior to 2009, most Reservoirs within the Dwr Cymru area had always been in the position whereby all fish for the coming season were already being held within their own Fish Rearing/Cage Units. This linked to the fact that over the past few seasons because of the number of fish movements that anglers have seen within the season itself, irrespective of the size of fish actually being delivered. A question has actually been raised as to whether anglers are being treated fairly.


I can say that this has never been in doubt at Llys-y-Fran. Changes within the supply, numbers and actual delivery dates have not impacted on the overall seasonal catch returns. This is something that is obviously clearly evident from the 2012 returns.


The business has recently considered how best to deal with this issue from a regional aspect and we feel that we have recognised the best route forward.


From the start of the 2013 finacial year, Area Land’s Managers within ECARE will be responsible for delivering all stocking requirements for their areas. This to include ordering of fish, sizes and numbers for the coming season.


Looking at Llys-y-Fran itself, I can state that for the 2013 season, we already have slightly over 16,000 fish on site at this moment, of which 75% are of an average wieght in excess 1lb 8ozs. Another 8,000 are on order and should be delivered within the next six to eight weeks.


For those that are   not aware, Llys-y-Fran Reservoir will be opening as of 9th February 2013. For the 2013 season all sales will be dealt with from the catering area.This, as of the 9th will be open from 08.00hrs daily. Any angler looking to a breakfast option, will now have this availibility.


Can I take this oppertunity to wish all of our season and day permit customers a most productive and sporting oppertunity whilst fishing Llys-y-Fran during the coming season.