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Wild brown Trout Fishing in Wales

In many people’s eyes, wild trout represents the pinnacle of game angling. And in Wales there is opportunity in abundance.

You can enjoy challenging fishing on classic lowland rivers such as the Usk and Teifi or experience true wilderness in the mountain lakes of Snowdonia, Pumlimon or the Cambrian Mountains; one thing is for certain, these fish are wild and when you are lucky enough to hook one, only then you will realise just how wild they can be.

Wye Valley
When fishing for wild trout, you step back in time; do not expect the high average weight of stocked lakes The average weight of wild trout is around ½ lb with a good fish weighing in at 1 lb. However it must be said there are fish in the 2-4 lb range, especially in the lakes, these fish when hooked fight with such savagery, it takes your breath away.
The pursuit of these fish, takes you to places of such beauty and tranquillity, that just being there is reward enough, away from the humdrum of modern life, you can sit there in peace and solitude, totally at one with yourself and nature.

As with all wild fish, conservation is the key, so be restrained in the use of your priest.