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An introduction to coarse fishing in Wales

If you’re already into coarse fishing, or want to learn the ropes, Wales is the place to try. Nowhere in the world are you likely to find so much variety of first-class angling packed into such a small country. Just about all species are present, from Gudgeon to big hard-fighting Barbel to specimen Carp and Pike. Even a long holiday isn’t enough to sample everything, so unless you intend to specialise, there could be a problem of what tackle to bring along.

Coarse Fishing
A general-purpose Carp rod of 10-11ft should do the trick; ideal for distance casting and strong enough to handle large lake Carp or powerful Barbel from the Rivers Wye and Taff. A reel with a couple of spare spools wound with 6, 12 and 18lb nylon is recommended with spools of thinner nylon for traces. Floats, shot and weights of choice together with a suitable landing net, rod rest and a selection of barbless hooks completes the list of necessary tackle.

Big items like a bivouac, umbrella, barbecue and easy chair are optional. Travel as light as you can for freedom of movement. It’s all too easy to overload yourself, and most of it can be dispensed with, if you think about it.

Bring enough bait for the first weekend until you find the nearest supplier. There are plenty all over Wales to choose from, and they’ll also have any tackle you forgot to bring.