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River Towy and River Wye

From: Chris Puhr Switzerland
Subject: UK fishing holiday feedback
Sent: 01 July 2004 18:33:53

We are now back from Wales and I can give you some feedback:

Towy: all in all - brilliant, even if it appears to be a relatively poor
year. We kind of got lucky because it rained a few days before our arrival so on our second day fresh fish started to come in. My friend Chris got a 10lb salmon on his 15th cast on spinner (!), and we got sea-trout to 5lb. Not very many though (on average 1 a night each), and generally relatively small. My friend Chris got a 4lb fish and I got 3 and 5lb fish, the others were all smaller. Having said this we hooked and lost some others, and by night three there were real beauties thrashing about everywhere - brilliant. We always took an hours' nap between 12 and 1 am, and on the last night I got woken by jumping fish! I hooked a huge fish (I reckon 10-15lb) on the last night, managed to (kind of) hold onto it for 2-3 minutes - I realised there was a problem when I found myself with 20 yards of backing off the reel and the fish thrashing about in front of me. In fact the fly line got so badly tangled that I had to wait 'til next morning to recover it: at dawn I realised that the fly line was actually tangled over two tree stems ABOVE the water level, and the dropper firmly lodged in one of them. How it all happened I don't know, but I know that we're all going back next year. I've also learnt some important lessons:
1. Never mess around with a dropper on these big fish
2. Use 15lb nylon or more (I doubt it makes a difference at night)
3. Play big fish hard, really really hard.
With all that I may manage to land the next one, if I am lucky enough to
hook one again ... .
My bigger fish all took black and silver tubes. The secret weapons worked as well, but getting the fish unhooked is another matter. It took my friend Chris 15 mins to unhook a 1lb fish that had swallowed the thing ... . Secret weapons also have a nasty tendency to lacerate your fingers however careful you are.
If you add to all this the scenery, the otters, the kingfishers and the
Abercothi facilities, then you could call it the perfect fishing holiday

Wye: wow - what a beautiful river. Much bigger than I expected - I love big rivers. On the first evening we caught 70 grayling and 20 trout in 4 hours' fishing (a lot with strike indicators admittedly); nothing huge but
wonderfully healthy fish. The fish densities are amazing, and one could
wonder whether the spawning is not too good, especially the grayling, as
there seems to be a distinct lack of larger fish. Maybe we have to look
harder next time. I think the river was a little high when we were there,
and the weather was pretty foul, so we only got a semi evening rise on the second day. Despite this we all decided that we would return ... .
We will most certainly be back next year and hope to see you then.